Sunday, January 16, 2011

Changing the Landscape or Playing the Game?

This morning over coffee I read a great blog post by Matt Switzer. In his post he discussed true innovation in the classroom compared to gimmicky educational practices. This got me thinking. How often do you see a teacher do something they have always done, but just use a piece of technology with it and think they are innovative? For education to move forward, we have to embrace new technologies and methodologies to achieve innovative practices. If I merely assign a project I have always done and have my students use Glogster instead of PowerPoint, am I changing the landscape of education, or am I just playing in the game? I believe this is the hardest shift for teachers and administrators to grapple. How do we as educators change the landscape?

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  1. For some teachers using new technology is changing their landscape. Once they become comfortable with doing something new, they will try more new things, and eventually this leads to a change in methodology.(At least that is the goal!) Also, if the new technology increases student choice and problem solving, then that adds to their teaching as well.