Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's Make it Real

I just finished reading Will Richardson's blog about getting 10,000 or more parents together to discuss educational change. Can we? I hope so. I hope, I have faith that parents in the real world want a better educational system than what they had. I think back to my schooling. I was bored. I wanted someone, whether it be my parents or my teachers, who I saw more than my parents to push me beyond Jeopardy facts and memorization. School needs to be a place of exploration. I cringe when I walk down the halls of my school and see packets of vocabulary and recall exercises. How is this allowed? We preach change, we want reform. What are you doing? How are you changing education daily within your power?

I am a part of a parent/teacher group that will be looking at big picture issues within my district. My goal is to get the parents of my district to understand what Will Richardson is talking about in his latest post. It will take time, but we must make school REAL!

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