Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tomorrow Lisa Morowski and myself will be holding our monthly PLN meeting for our district. This has sprouted from a few people interested in how twitter works, to a rather large group of K-8 teachers who have started to create their own Personal Learning Network. Tomorrow we will be discussing blogs. Not just blogging for personal use, but how to broaden your horizons on the educational landscape through reading, responding, and making connections via blogs. Lisa has created a Prezi to share with the staff. We are going to share personal experiences as bloggers, and a list of blogs we read. I am excited to discuss this with the Merton staff.

As I said before, the Merton PLN has blossomed, and the effects of it are showing up in classrooms and discussions that both administration and teachers are having. Lisa and I want to steer the group to be self lead at some point. We are going to ask for teacher leaders that would like to spotlight what they are doing in their classroom as far as 21st century competencies. A true PLN is about everyones voice being heard, and everyone taking an active role for the betterment of the group.

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  1. Great to see how your involvement in PLP has ignited your district! Way to help lead the way!