Sunday, January 16, 2011

Summer of Reinvention

It has been awhile since I have updated my blog. This summer I have put it off every week as I have been stuck on what I want to reflect upon. Finally, yesterday driving home from Canada, I said to myself....just write. Here are my main thoughts from my experiences this summer in education:
1. Everyone MUST have a PLN. If you don't know what a PLN is, google it.
2. Being transparent is the only way you will grow as an educator.
3. All of the tools in the world will not make you a better educator. iPads, Netbooks, Smartboards, you name it, are useless until you become a collaborative teacher and put your students needs in front of your own needs.
4. Don't rely on your administration to make things happen. If you feel the best interest of your students is important. PUSH. Find avenues to make things happen. Don't just talk about what is wrong, spend that energy making it right.
After attending ISTE in Denver this year, I came away with the belief that any problem can be solved. Hearing and following the words of my cohorts helped me understand that everyone has an equal part in making school relevant for kids. Parents, teachers, admin., community members, and the kids are all responsible. I challenge each of you to do your part and remember the importance of make it relevant to the lives of the the kids.
As the start of the school year fast approaches, walk the walk this year. Enjoy your school year.

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