Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What We Can Learn From Aaron Rodgers

Ok, so I am still on cloud nine. My beloved Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV on Sunday. I still can't believe it. I sat for four hours on Sunday with a feeling that my insides were going to explode. Since I can remember, I have watched every Sunday during the Fall and Winter months watching, cheering, and rooting for the green and gold. For the second time in my lifetime, I have watched them capture the ultimate prize, the Vince Lombardi Trophy. This moment will be a special moment for me as a Packer fan and as a fan of teamwork and dedication to excellence. You see, this year the Packers endured injury after injury, and they persevered to be the best.

The leader of the Packers is Aaron Rodgers. He is their third year starter at quarterback, fifth year in the league. Aaron replaced a legend in Brett Favre at the quarterback position. Not once during his three years as a starter did Rodgers ever complain about his team, management, or the fans. He did his job, and he did it well. He guided the Packers to six consecutive victories to finish the season as NFL champs. He faced adversity in the biggest game of his career. Receivers literally dropped the ball when he delivered it right on the spot to them. Rick Reilly wrote on Monday that Rodgers showed, "Unforgettable Forgiveness" as he stuck with those receivers that let him down in the Super Bowl and went right back to them and they produced for him and the team.

As a teacher, tech leader, and an agent for change in my school district, I have to remember the toughness that Rodgers has showed over the past 5 years as a Packer. Not everything has always gone Rodgers way, but he did not give up (See the last 5 years). He lead a group of men to the promised land. He had adversity along the way, but he did not let that deter from the ultimate prize. I need to posses the "Unforgettable Forgiveness" that Rodgers has. When people let me down, I must give them another chance and help them see that they can be better than the status quo. They can be like the Packers receivers and make those timely catches that will help propel our school to the next level, greatness.

As educators we need to put aside the petty adult issues and remember why we are educators. We are educators to obtain the ultimate prize....success for children. We are there day to day to help children see the importance they play in the world. We are educators to make that difference in a child's life so that they can persevere through tough times. Aaron Rodgers gets it as a leader. He doesn't talk about himself, he doesn't change the subject when interviewed to a different topic to avoid conflict, he doesn't duck and run away when times are tough, he leads!

Lead by example, voice, or action. Lead your students, staff, or colleagues. Make a difference.

P.s. Go Pack Go!

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