Saturday, April 30, 2011

Digital Books, Way Better Than Print

Day 3 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge:
In this blog, I want to share something I stumbled upon. I thought it was cool, so I’m passing it along. 
Thursday I downloaded a new book to my iPad. No big deal. I have read a few books by Seth Godin and enjoyed them immensely. I decided to download Linchpin. After downloading the book in a matter of 30 seconds to my Kindle app, I thought to myself, “when will I ever buy a paper copy of a book again?” 
Of the last six books I’ve read, five have been digital. The one book I read that was a paper version did not come in the digital form. This will be the first book I read from my iPad. The previous five have been from my iPhone.
After reading the first chapter of Linchpin on my iPad, I tapped over to my TEDtalk app. The newest talk was about digital books. Interesting. The talk was titled, “A Next-Generation Digital Book” by Mike Matas. He shared the new book from Al Gore, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis. This book has the newest technology available for an iPad to manipulate the book and its contents. Watch the demo to see for yourself: click here.
This got me thinking, if technology continues on this path with e-readers, which it will, do we see the end of print work altogether? I often debate with coworkers who think I am crazy because I read books from my iPhone or iPad versus a good old fashion book. They cannot understand how I can curl up on the couch and read from an electronic device. I understand their point, but I often respond with, how can you not? Whether I am reading fiction or non fiction, the kindle app allows me to highlight information within the book and add comments or thoughts, which I can access at my convenience through my Amazon account. I no longer have to take notes with a pen and paper, or write all over the page. I can instantly access the search menu on my iPad within the Kindle app and look up any confusing vocabulary or further explore a topic of interest within the story via the internet. The Go To option allows me to instantly move to the Table of Contents, an exact location in the book, Book Extras, or the coolest feature, Popular Highlights. Popular Highlights allows me to see what other Kindle users have highlighted and noted that they think is noteworthy. I forgot to mention, digital books are half the price. 
Try a digital book, it is worth your time. 

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