Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rejection No, Motivation Yes

Last week Wednesday, I had my first interview for a principalship. I got a call yesterday about the results of the interview. I'm not moving onto the second round. I was in the top eight, the top six moved onto the second round. My first reaction was anger. I was angry that I was not selected, I was angry that I would have to start the process all over in attaining my professional goal as a principal. After 15 minutes I got over it. I had to. The rejection of not being selected as a finalist for the job I have wanted for the past year hurt, but it has motivated me to continue on this journey and keep working towards my goals and dreams.

After letting the people in my life that I consider My Board of Directors know the news, I checked my RSS feed and got back to work.
I asked myself, "What can you do Chris? What do you need to do to get better, and be more prepared?"
I went to one of my favorite blogs for advice and inspiration, Connected Principals.

I read about how relationships need to come first in education, how handing over control to kids will build a learning path they can embrace and succeed beyond our beliefs. Both articles were inspiring and motivating to me to continue this journey as an educator. Did I feel rejected by the school district that didn't want me? Yes. Did they motivate me to be better and continue to grow as a person? Yes!

This is DAY 1 of a 30 Day blog challenge I am embarking upon. Thank you Julie Colque for challenging me to reflect and share with my PLN.

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  1. Love it, Chris. Deeply personal, motivating.