Saturday, May 7, 2011


Day 11 of 30 Day Blog Challenge: A Short One

As I get close to wrapping up another fabulous school year, I have recently been internalizing change. Change is a hard concept for everyone to encompass. Change can range from new shoes to  a new life. How do we help people understand change? As I finish a school year with my kids I have had for two years, I get emotional. Yes, I do! After forging a relationship with them for two years, I worry about their movement to a new grade level and life. They will be successful, and I need to let my students leave the nest. Hopefully, I have instilled a voice and passion in them to be leaders, and stand up to the status quo.

Change to me is a fundamental principal in life. In order to grow as a person you need to embrace change. People I know that do not embrace change have become stagnant, irrelevant, and part of the problem. My challenge to all of you is, stop the excuses and embrace change by being a positive factor in the process.

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  1. I accept the challengeof being a positive factor in the process. Hey, this could start a chain reaction!