Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Day 8 of 30 Day Blog Challenge:
What form of communication do you prefer? Face to face, phone, text, tweet, wiki, blog, email, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, other? Seriously, there are so many forms of communication available to people today, yet communication seems to be a never ending battle to find the perfect solution for all parties. 
I have been trying this past school year to be a better communicator to my students, parents, coworkers, and the general public. I find all of these avenues of communication exhausting. I could use all of the aforementioned means of communication, and they might not be enough to reach all parties. What is the key to communication? Is it the form you use, or is it to be consistent in your methods and build a relationship with the party you are communicating with?
I have seen people I work with try every form of communication and continually fail at it. There is something always missing with these people when they try to communicate, they haven’t created a positive relationship with the other party. Is part of effective communication the building of a relationship first? 
Do we purposely tune out the other party if we do not trust, like, or respect them? I see this daily. People who do not respect each other tune out important information, and then say they never knew about what is going on. We have all experienced this with friends and loved ones. When we fight or argue, the line of communication is broken, and the parties have no idea what they are in disagreement about. 
To me, positive communication starts with positive relationships. Respect and trust play hand in hand with creating an environment of two way communication that is beneficial to all. If you want people to listen to your message, beliefs, or information, gain their trust and confidence, and they will reciprocate. 

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