Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Day 19 of 30 Day Blog Challenge:

When is it right or a must to call out the elephant in the room? Meetings are a place to make things happen and celebrate success. Too often I sit in meetings and no one, (including myself) is willing to say what is on their mind for fear that they will upset the apple cart. I sit in unproductive meetings more and more. We decide not to talk about the major issues that may cause distress and argument, and instead talk about such minuet topics in order to keep everyone happy. Sunday I read this blog (click here).

The takeaway point for me was: "Start with the bad stuff, give room for creative tension, and make something happen." I truly feel that as educators we side step the confrontational topics, points, and instances so that we do not hurt each other's feelings. Confrontation is not always bad. At times, confrontation can get to the root of the problem. It allows for all parties to represent their true voice and make changes for the better.

So how do we change this status quo approach? I believe there are two ways. First, speak your voice and do not fear the repercussions. Stay true to your beliefs and try and be strong with your words, but most importantly with your actions. The second would be to listen to your peers. Actively listen to their message. Internalize their words and apply it to your practice. After you have experienced what a coworker is talking about, then you can cast your opinions or beliefs upon them. Too often people say or preach that someone is wrong in their practice or action, and they have not even experienced or witnessed what they are talking about. You need to live your opinions before you can form them.

Confrontation can be an opportunity for growth, it is just how you go about it.

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