Friday, May 13, 2011

Decision Making

Day 15 of 30 Day Blog Challenge:
Making a decision is either a difficult task or easy task for a person, depending upon their personality, and confidence level. For me, I need to think about something for awhile, before I go ahead and make up my mind on how to proceed. Friends and family of mine are the opposite. They make snap decisions without thinking through the ramifications of that decision. Are either methods right? I'm not sure.
When school leaders and policy makers have to make decisions, I often wonder where they are coming from. Is a school board member’s decision on a tax levy increase in the interest of the students of that particular district, or is in the interest of the taxpayer and their tax burden? That is a hard decision, and one that should be looked at from both sides. When an administrator decides to move a teacher from one grade level team to another, are they making the decision based on adult need or student need? When a teacher decides to allow a student to progress to the next grade level when it is clear they should not, but allow them to because it might make the teacher look bad, or upset the parent, is this right?
Decisions are made throughout the day in everyone’s lives. I feel that a good decision maker in a school setting is someone who:
  1. Looks at all sides of a story, policy, scenario
  2. Gets input from stake holders
  3. Ultimately makes the decision based on what is best for kids
By making decisions in education based on these three components, decision makers will make decisions that are difficult, and unpopular, but the end result will lead to a better learning experience for children. Is that not the ultimate goal of education?

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