Thursday, May 5, 2011


Day 9 of 30 Day Blog Challenge:

My high school football coach use to say to my team, "Excuse are like (insert 8 letter word), everyone has one!" He was and is right. Why do we spend so much time coming up with reasons we CAN'T do something, instead of coming up with reason WHY we can do something? 

In my opinion we spend too much energy on ways we can get out of a task or requirement. We exert so much effort to derail or avoid situations that might be scary or unstable. If that energy was used to find solutions to problems, or create an environment of positive thinking and actions, could you imagine the never ending success each of us would have?

In an earlier blog post, I talked about new socks and how you need to replace the old with the new. Excuses play a similar role in education. Educators look to cover their fears with excuses in order to buy time and hope people pressuring them will go away. Excuses are stall tactics and need to be eliminated in order to grow as a professional, school, and community. 

My friend and colleague, Lisa Morowski, has created a google doc that is entitled, Instead Of. In this doc she has created opportunities for educators to suppress their excuses with viable solutions for success and student engagement. You have to give a person like Lisa credit. She created a "I'm not taking no for an answer" guide book. We need more educators like her. People who are willing to stand up to excuses and face them head on to help people change their tune from reasons they CAN'T to reasons they CAN. 


  1. Thank you. I needed this. A lot.

  2. Amanda, you are very welcome. I hope all is well in AL. My prayers and thoughts have been with you and your fellow Alabamaians. Roll tide!