Friday, May 6, 2011

Get Out Of The Way Mr. Reuter

Day 10 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today Sarah Kasprowicz, a fellow 6th grade teacher and I introduced weebly to our kids. We are attempting to have our kids create their own websites to show their growth over the past two years of looping with the two of us. We each did a mini lesson on what a portfolio encompasses, and how to set up a weebly webpage. Guess what? We got in the kid's way!

Sarah helped the students brainstorm ideas and concepts that could fall under their five tabs on their website: Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Media, and Information Fluency. I helped the students with the mechanics of creating a webpage and digital etiquette of sustaining a webpage. About five minutes into the lesson, I realized I was irrelevant. I had two girls who knew much more than I do about creating a webpage, and they took over the class. I let them guide the lesson, and I became their assistant. Jessica and Taylor created a learning environment that flourished via a student led forum.

After about a half hour, and feeling like the outsider, I sat back and smiled. Wow, my job is great. I got to learn with and from my students. My classroom today was a true 21st Century Classroom. Thank you Taylor and Jessica for taking the bull by the horns and pushing me out of the way. You were the experts today!

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