Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Day 21 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

So for the past 12 days I have neglected my blog and my blog challenge. I can make excuses, or I can fix the problem. I will fix the problem. I have been a slacker, and it is time to move forward.

Tonight I had a student share her 5/6 portfolio with her parents, sister, and myself. Click here to see Gabby's portfolio. After her 45 minute presentation about her growth over the past two years as a student, her father said, "Wow, I wish I had people that I am hiring doing things like this."

YES! Gabby's father continued to share with me how he is in the process of hiring a new banker at his bank, but all he has to go off is a paper resume and some references. I told him that he and his partners better change their hiring practices or they will become irrelevant. He agreed. He asked why kids aren't keeping portfolios like Gabby's from early on, and beyond college?

I explained to Gabby's father that we need to help kids create the first steps of their digital foot print, and what a great way to kick it off! Watching my students compose and create their websites over the past three weeks has been amazing for me as a teacher. I have seen all four C's along the process. Please check out some of my other students work over the past two years.






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