Monday, May 16, 2011

Reaching Out

Day 18 of 30 Day Blog Challenge:

When was the last time you reached out to someone? A friend, a family member, a parent, a student, when was the last time? I will be reaching out more than I ever have over the next year as a teacher. I will be teaching fourth grade next year. I have taught fifth and sixth grade for all eight years of my career. Next year will be a different scene for me. I will have four new team members. I reached out to them today. I sent them an email to explain to them how excited I am to be a member of their team and I am looking forward to a new journey with them. Over the course of the next school year, I will need their help with my transition to a new grade level. I only hope that they reach out to me to help them in areas of need.

Reaching out to people is essential for growth as a leader. Do people always grab that hand and accept your help? No. Is that a reason not to reach out? No. There have been many people I have reached out to professionally over the past eight years. Not everyone accepts my offers, and I have learned over time not to take it personal. People are not always going to respond to my offers. That is ok. By continually thinking of other professionals when an idea or new concept comes to me, I am showing the intended person that I do care about them and their growth as a professional. Next time you think a colleague won't respond to your ideas or initiatives, reach out to them anyway.

You can't over extend help and caring for another person's well being. Reach out and help people see their potential, that is the sign of a true leader.

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