Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Day 13 of 30 Day Blog Challenge:

Voice-personality, flare, style, who you are. All people have a voice. Some people have stronger voices than others. Some struggle to have their voice heard, others speak too much, and their voice is distorted with misinformation, grey facts, or personal gain. A person's voice is a good indicator of who they really are. Sharing your voice in an educational setting is essential to maintaining transparency and growth.

Tonight a group of teachers that I have worked closely with for the past 10 months presented to our school board about 21st Century Learning and Project Based Learning. We shared our voice as a team and our students voices about the journey we have been a part of this past school year. Our voices portrayed who we really are as educators, our flare for innovation, style, and personalities. I was very proud of my team tonight. I can honestly say, we share a voice, a voice of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. 

I spoke on three other topics at our school board meeting tonight. It got me to thinking, can you have too much voice? Why am I speaking this much at a school board meeting? I am only a teacher in the district, should I step back and assess this situation? Can you be involved too much? 

I find myself signing up, campaigning, and volunteering for committees, workgroups, presentations, etc in my district. I see the potential that is available for growth and prosperity, and I cannot let it pass me by. I want to be apart of it, and I believe I have a lot to offer to the process. Does my voice mean less the more I am involved, or does it create a stronger voice? 

Sometimes I feel like I need to step back from the roles I play in my district. Is my voice being heard, or have I become one of those people I mentioned earlier in this post?


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