Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Day 22 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Yesterday I was emailed an apology for a comment that a parent made in my local newspaper about our school district. I responded with a thank you and a challenge to right the wrong with another letter to the editor to make a public apology. I am hopeful that this parent will follow through with my request.

As internalized the email I was sent and my response to the email, I thought about what an apology is and what it truly should be. Apologies are a dime a dozen. Often people apologize without even understanding what they are sorry for. To me, an apology consists of three parts:

1. The action of apologizing and admitting you were wrong
2. Making a promise that you will try to refrain from committing the action again
3. Asking the party you are apologizing to how you can make it up to them

We teach kids to be responsible for their actions. The same should be true of adults. Whether you are a teacher, principal, or parent, we must follow through with our promises to each other and be accountable for our actions, no matter the consequence. Preaching beliefs and living beliefs are two different concepts.

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