Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celebration Day

Day 23 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Tomorrow is Merton's Celebration Day. What is Celebration Day? For the past three years we have held an afternoon of games and fun to celebrate all the great things that have happened in the past year at Merton. No one really names specific things we are celebrating, but we still celebrate our successes.

I thought for a moment about this post today, and I reflected on what I want to celebrate tomorrow. Below are my four reasons to celebrate.

1. Overcoming adversity-This past year my district has taken on some pretty heavy barriers as we strive to become a relevant school in the 21st Century. Article 1. Article 2. My colleagues and I who were passionate about change and creating a learning experience for our students did not back down. We fought through adversity and criticism to have one of the most successful years in my eight years of teaching at Merton.

2. PLN-This year Lisa Morowski and I successfully implemented monthly PLN meetings face to face with teachers and administrators from our district. We helped fellow teachers learn and create through social media for themselves and their students.

3. Van Meter/Merton Connection-This year was a great year for Merton and Van Meter. We built a relationship between our two districts via Skype, blogs, twitter, and face to face visits. Shannon Miller came to visit Merton in mid March, and I had the chance to visit Van Meter at the end of April. Both visits solidified a long lasting relationship.

4. Kids-This year my students went beyond what I could have ever hoped for. They soared to new heights socially and academically. Last night I had my last student led conference with a student that just moved into our district this year. After a 45 minute conference led by himself, he concluded with this, "Mom, Dad, I am so happy we moved to Merton. I had opportunities this year that I never would have had at my old school. I felt challenged everyday. Thank you."

As the school year winds down for many of us, think to yourself what you want to celebrate. It is often easy to look at what went wrong and dwell on it. Instead of doing that, take the time to look at what your triumphs were over this past year. What do you want to celebrate?

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