Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Social Media Has Changed My Life-Good & Bad

Yesterday I tweeted, "I'm done with Facebook." What I meant is I'm done posting information, commenting on status, and liking different organizations or friends. Why? Because, it is tiresome and silly the amount of time I spend on Facebook. I have neglected my twitter account, where I learn minute by minute from the people that are part of my network. Facebook will served as a glorifies Flckr account for pictures, and self promotion of my blog and family/friend pictures.

I have submerged myself in social media for the past three years. I have been actively tweeting for three years, publishing a blog for over six months, Facebooking for nine months, and following and commenting on many blogs in my RSS feed for over a year. All of these endeavors have helped me personally and professionally grow, reflect, and improve. I am very grateful to social media for the opportunities it has allowed me.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I have somewhat given up Facebook. It became more of a chore, than a learning experience. It seemed like drill and kill worksheets. I felt obligated to comment on status of friends and family without truly reading and internalizing what they were saying or sharing.

When does social media become overwhelming? I had a conversation with my principal today about filtering and how one can filter social media so that they do not become overwhelmed by it. I wish I had an answer. I told Jay that I think the best answer I can give him is to not think you have to do everything. You cannot live by the method of every article must be read, every tweet replied to, or you will be turned off immediately. Like everything in life, education, religion, politics, you name it, there must be balance.

Social media has helped me better understand those that I don't agree with, as well as help reinforce the relationships I have created over time. The question I posed to myself last night was, where do I go from here? FORWARD.

I am always looking for new and improved ways to build upon my knowledge base and keep myself motivated to be better. I might have outgrown Facebook, but new possibilities are always available. Google+ looks like it is the latest and greatest. I will give it its due justice, just like Facebook. Only time will tell how I figure out how it fits my needs as a constant learner.